Tuesday, February 28, 2017

So many things to say

It has been a while since I posted last time. I do have some things to say bug first things first.


To my wife of so many years, who I lost just over thirteen months ago, Happy Birthday Stephie. She would have been 69 this year, or 17.25, since she was a Leap Year baby, and had a “real” birthday only once every four years. You are still loved, and we will be together again. You will forgive me if I stay here and chat while you go drool over the hunky angel boys.


Plot Bunnies

Who doesn’t have a folder full of plot bunnies? Those bits and pieces of stories that jump up and down making all sorts of noise in the back of your head trying to grab your attention.

Same here, I have folders and subfolders of them. Space opera, science fiction, adventure, and plane crash survivor story that had a wolf shifter with a beard redder than Brian Keith’s.

Now tell me, why do I feel like a D&D dungeon master without a map? Hum? I have the whole party lined up, the world built, ready to step out into the world and… nothing. Absolutely freaking nothing. They open the door and white space, not even crickets chirping.

Has this ever happened to you? I’m sure it has. It’s like walking into the next room to get something, and as soon as you walk through the door, it’s like you’ve been mind wiped, can’t think of it to save your soul.

Let me know how you fixed this little bit of writer’s block. I would love to hear how you accomplished it.

Have a good night all.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

It has been a long time since my last post here..

I did a check a few days back and saw that it has been a year since I’ve written anything here. Other things took over, leaving very little time for activities like writing.

Wounded Angel was my last released book. Sales have not been what I’d hoped but the lack of my doing any sort of promotion other than sending out canned promo emails might have had something to do with that. Lump that under “the consequences of other things taking over your life”.

The “other thing” that had taken over my life was that my wife was sick. Seriously sick. She physically collapsed July 4th of 2013. She was put into hospice a bit more than a year later in 2014, and passed away in January of this year. I’ve been dealing with the fallout since then.

I wrote, when I could, while Stephie was alive. Though most of it wasn’t very good. I think I have a dozen stories started, none completed. Some have blown tires and crashed like a NASCAR racer sliding sideways through the infield at a super speedway, boot-bonnet-boot-bonnet-boot-bonnet-roll-roll-roll-pirouette! and thudding down on the roof, a smoking, ruined mess.

Others, have one or two semi-developed characters, but the plot goes nowhere.

And way different character types, superheroes, meta-humans, cyber-human, even a space opera with humans and not so little green men (but they aren’t from Mars).

I am slowly getting back into a writing frame of mind.

On a more pleasant note, DragonCon is less than one week away. I’m going. I hope to have LiveStreaming figured out by then so you can join me for at least the DragonCon parade on Saturday.

Monday, August 31, 2015

RELEASE DAY!–Wounded Angel


September 1 is RELEASE DAY for Wounded Angel, my fourth book published by eXtasy Books.


It is also being announced on my good friend Daryl Ouellette's blog "My Erotic Notions"


For three years Angel Sanderson has had a close, but casual relationship with police officer Terrance Bryant. It started when he was a street cop, pulling security duty at an Avenging Angel public appearance. It has grown to where he keeps a uniform, and his body armor, in her closet.

During lunch break for a flight school where she instructs, a man she hasn't seen in ten years reappears. A flyer, like herself, Chris Adams what her high school love, a love strong enough that she risked her life to save his during an attempted suicide. And now he's in front of her, sitting with his college roommate, Terrance.

When Terrance is called to the department unexpectedly Chris moves in, determined to get reacquainted with his high school savior. What comes after will have reverberations in all three lives.

What's an Angel to do?

wounded angel

Friday, July 31, 2015

Upcoming Release–Wounded Angel

I’ve never been the fastest writer on the planet. I don’t understand how some writers have a new 30K word book coming out every month or two.

But, I can tell you this, I have a new novel coming out. Release day is 1 September. It is called Wounded Angel and is the second book staring Angel Sanderson

You might remember Angel from my YA story titled ANGEL WINGS, published by Devine Destinies, an imprint of eXtasy Books. 

In this, second, and very adult, story, Angel has grown up into a beautiful woman and in a relationship with police officer Terrance Bryant.

There are other twists and turns through the story and I have no doubt that you will enjoy it.

Available on September 1st. at www.extasybooks.com


wounded angel


“What were you doing in Kansas,” Angel asked the men as they settled in the apartment’s kitchen area. “Especially you Chris, do you know what they do to hybrids in that state?”

“Yeah, I do,” he replied, opening the metal collar he had around his neck and tossed it on to the counter. It clanged hollowly on the granite bartop. “Damn thing, not one of theirs thankfully.”

Angel stared at it, shuddering at the implications of that simple device.

“That’s why we went. Justice wants to take action to force that state to eliminate or at least tone down their more draconian laws aimed at MORFs survivors in general and hybrids in particular.” Chris continued. “We ran a simple operation to force them to go on camera explaining the whys and wherefores. Nothing dangerous.”

“You are a featherhead! You were in intelligence, you had to have seen the reports. Those S.H.A.M.E people are total— nutcases. They make a Klan cross burning look like a polite ice cream social. Their trigger-happy militias do nothing but round up hybrids!” Angel stomped back and forth, torn between beating him for being utterly stupid or hugging him because he was home.

“I was with him, Angel,” Terry rumbled quietly, catching her hand and slowly pulling her into his embrace. “I wasn’t going to let anything happen to your boyfriend.”

She stood there and let the man hold her, the fear of never seeing him, or Chris, ever again fading only slightly.

“And what about you? If you’d been found out, your head would be decorating a wall alongside his!” Angel rounded on him. “And— and—” Angel’s anger evaporated, “I couldn’t stand loosing either one of you.”

“You didn’t wait very long after I was called in,” Terry accused, “to hook up with your boyfriend.”

Terry’s flat statement burned more from its lack of volume rather than any lack of intensity. Angel tried to meet the man’s eyes, and failed.

“How… how did you find out?” Angel asked, her voice trembling.

“It was an op, Angel, long hours of nothing to do. Guys talk.”

Terry waited a moment before continuing.

“Nothing to say, Angel?” Terry stared at her, the hurt on his face, in his eyes almost too much to endure.

The room was silent. In the kitchen, the refrigerator’s compressor kicked on.

“Is that it then? He walks back in and I get tossed like yesterday’s trash?”

“No!” Angel pleaded. “It wasn’t like that. It… just… happened Terry. I tried, I wanted to stop. But he kissed me and it all came back, school, the crash, graduation, our flight that night. And you’re not yesterday’s trash. I would never treat you that way!” Angel raised her head to look into the man’s eyes. “I can’t lose you, either of you.”

“So I supposed your between the sheets reunion meant nothing?” Terry growled, is voice not only carrying his anger, but the deeply felt hurt as well.

“Of course it meant something. But didn’t you hear me, Terry? I can’t lose you, or Chris. It would break me.”

“Then what do you suggest?” Terry asked, pain filling his eyes.

“Take turns?” Chris suggested.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Open Water Swimmer - Review


Children’s author Dana Thomas has recurring nightmares about a man drowning. She doesn’t know who he is, only that she sees a Greek god perfect body laying at the bottom of a body of water.

Elite class swimmer Jeff Dickson, who gave up a career in the Navy as a fighter pilot to return his first love, swimming, also has a recurring dream of death by drowning. His death.

Dana takes the dreams as a calling to find and save this swimmer from his death. Always a free spirit, her current, routine bound, practical, never do anything on a whim, boyfriend deep-sixes their relationship when Dana sets off to find, and save this man who’s invaded her nighttime.

Jeff’s last relationship self-destructed when the woman got fed up with being second place to his global travel and brutal training and competition schedule.

This is the setup for The Open Water Swimmer by Sabrina Devonshire.

What follows is a wonderful, at times funny, story of Dana hunting down, finding and becoming a hovering guardian of Jeff, all while trying not to look, or sound, like a stalking psycho.

This is also the story of their budding relationship. Jeff’s finally met someone that “gets it”. Dana understands that he needs to do what he needs to do, which is be a professional, competitive swimmer, and everything that comes with it.

Mrs. Devonshire has put together a good story, both artistically and technically. Her love of swimming shows through with the level of detail she puts into the story.

I highly recommend putting this in your To Be Read stack.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Mankiller Stories–Deployment


My newest story will be released by Extasy Books on 1 December.

It’s a bit of a departure for me. It’s NOT science fiction, but rather a straight up contemporary romance.

Lisa Mankiller, is a Navy Corpsman assigned to a Marine company and is spending her pre-deployment leave at the ranch of the family that raised her when she was left an orphan.

There, she is reunited with her childhood friend Jake Winthrop and his current boyfriend Todd Lawson. Lisa witnesses Jake abusing Todd and decides to step in.

Here’s the excerpt:

When Lisa floated back to consciousness the first thing she was aware of was a feeling of bliss, being sated. She was limp, boneless, and it felt wonderful. Even the aches in her thighs and bottom felt good.

The pipes rumbled as water was cut off in the bathroom. Lisa gathered up what strength she did have and slowly rolled onto her side. She didn’t have to wonder who had diapered her with a towel to contain the now cold stickiness between her legs. Todd stepped out of the bathroom scrubbing his hair with a towel. He dropped it on the sink and ran a pocket comb through his short jet-black hair. He didn’t have a towel around his hips and she got an even better look at the man than she had at the house. Gods, the man was built, and not just below the waist. He was big everywhere, big enough to make her feel safe. That was saying something since she worked and lived with a company of devil dog Marines.

Todd caught her looking and smiled. He crossed the small room and sat next her on the bed.

“The dead do come back to life,” Todd smiled. It was a smile that warmed all of her exhausted body.

“Don’t be too sure of that. I may be awake, I’m not sure that I’m alive.”

“There’s hot water for coffee if you want. It’s instant and not very good.”

“That’s okay. I’m used to drinking boiler water coffee onboard ship. As long as it has caffeine in it, I’ll be good to go.”

By the time Todd got back, Lisa had managed to get herself upright on the edge of the bed. She took the proffered cup and sipped at the hot liquid.

“Eeech. You’re right, that’s horrible. Shipboard coffee would be better, and that’s saying something,” Lisa said taking another sip and set the cup on the nightstand. “What time is it?”

“About four a.m.,” Todd said. “Lisa—”

“If you’re going to apologize, don’t.” Lisa looked up into the man’s eyes. “I all but cuffed you to the bed, so if anyone has to apologize, it should be me. But the question is, do I need to?”


And the cover:




I hope everyone enjoys it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Binders Full of Women

Okay, Since the debate I've been hearing a lot of yammer about this "binders full of women" comment that Romney made. WTF people?!?! Why are we getting hung up on four little words? Didn't anyone hear the preceding portion of the answer? The staff didn't have any women in the candidate pool, he wanted women in the candidate pool for his gubernatorial cabinet.

Why the staff didn't have women in the candidate pool for the first pass is up for anyone's speculation. I certainly don't know why, maybe some of the people on the selection committee didn't think women should be there. WHO THE HECK KNOWS!

Personally I think all this hullabaloo is just another facet of electoral politics run amuck. Trying to transform a bb into a canon ball by using the BIG LIE method, i.e. chant "Romney Hates Women" long enough, loud enough by enough people, for the people who don't pay attention to start to believe it.

It sickens me that in a country of supposedly intelligent people, shit like this actually works.

Now, if any of you have a different opinion about this and want to post it here, or educate me on why you think "Binders full of women" is getting so much air play/traction, I'm all ears. Just be civil about it.