Monday, October 4, 2010


I have a new work in progress called TRANSFORMATIONS. The first chapter was sent out for editing just after I got home on leave from Afghanistan.  I've received the edits back and since I'm on my way back to the sandbox tomorrow, I'll get to the edits once I get back.

The editor gave me a surprise when she told me that she enjoyed reading the story while editing it.

A professional writer... enjoyed.. my scribbles?  Let me go outside and check to see that the sky isn't purple or some other weird color, letting me know that I'm still on Earth.

I hope that wonders won't cease any time soon.


  1. {smiles} If the sky was purple, you could write about it.

    Saw your announcement about a new blog. Love the book background!

  2. Thanks Faith, for both your editing and your confidence in my writing abilities.

    Who knows, maybe one day 'real soon' I'll believe in myself.