Monday, November 8, 2010

Primal 2 - Katie's Return

As you probably have seen, the new chapter of Katie's Return has been posted on SOL. From the stats, this one is going better because half of you are reading both chapters.

One of the nice things about publishing online is that you get to do some editing and then republish the story. You find typos after it's posted, or worst, your READERS find typo's after you publish. Or that key phrase doesn't sound just right so you get to tweak it so that it read better, or whatever.

You may find, dear reader, that stories that have been up on the site will change from time to time. Please check back and re-read some of the older posts.


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  1. I have only just discovered and read Chapter 1 of Transformations. It seems very promising and I would give it 8/10 so far. Thank you for your hard work entertaining your readers.