Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jason to Jessica–First Edits and Musings

firefoxThe first round of edits to Jason to Jessica have gone back to the editor. There were lots of them. It might have been this round of edits, but there was a lot of formatting and other ‘technical’ issues to work through and not much on content. Maybe that’s the next round?


In other musings today… Well, today is a day off for me so I’m trying to actually do some writing. But all I seem to be able to work up to is revisions and editing. PRIMAL TWO – KATIES’S RETURN is getting a beating as is TRANSFORMATIONS. It’s funny how you can go back to a story that you’ve not touched for a week or so and see all sorts of things that need correcting.


On a personal aside, four weeks and a couple of days before I’m out of here for leave. Bye Bye Kabul, hello Dubai.