Monday, June 20, 2011

Account Security for the Author (and the rest of us too)

In a previous blog, I put up an overview on how a person might be able to back up their data to keep it from going because when it did (either through accident [opps!] or mechanical/electronic failure [pretty wisps of blue and grey smoke rising from the back of your machine or a very sickening sound of your hard disk drive cannibalizing itself] you would have a way of recovering your data.
In this post, I’m going to give you pointers on how to create a secure password so that your online world will be more secure.
Most of us should have know that there have been major hacks of several online service providers (not ISP’s but places that do secure business online) and that user accounts have been compromised. Also, there are the perennial favorite sites to attempt to hack (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and others).
You would be surprised at how many accounts are secured by no password, or very weak passwords. Some users never change the default password unless they are forced to. (I know, as a systems administrator for one government network, I had to twist my customer’s arms to get passwords enabled on the users network accounts!)
Passwords are the secret key that allows you access to your computer, your online account or to your bank’s ATM. Your password needs to be long, complex and not easy to guess.
ATM’s are a bit more secure because you have to have two things in order to access your account. Those two things are your ATM card (something you have) and your PIN (something you know). This is called two factor authentication. You have something, your bank card, and you know something, the PIN.
Most of our online world though, only uses a single factor for authenticating that you are you. Your password (something you know). If your password is easy to guess then it’s pretty much useless to keep your account secure.
A password should be at least 8 characters long and should be complex, a mixture of UPPER case and lower case letters, numbers and symbols/special characters.
A password should not be, a dictionary word, a birthdate, a name spelled backwards or the name of a child or relative. It needs to be complex. A complex password could be generated by using the first letter of the words in a phrase; such as:
Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.
Some of you might recognize that as the tag line for a car company’s advertising program from the last century. But using the suggestion of using the first letter of each word, we can build a very good password:
I’ve used all the elements of making a strong password
1. It’s greater than 8 characters (12)
2. It uses a mixture of upper case (B H A C) and lower case (b d) numbers 3 1 4 1 5 and special characters (.)
3. It’s not a dictionary word, a birthdate, a name spelled backwards or the name of a child or relative. These items are easy enough to look up on the Internet, or with the speed and power of current CPU’s, a brute force dictionary attack (where a computer sends strings of dictionary words against a system trying to force the proper password) is becoming easier to mount against an online computer system
One thing I did forget to mention is that you need to change your passwords regularly, every 4 to 6 months. Having only one password for all of your accounts means if one of your accounts is compromised, then all of them are vulnerable. Use different passwords on different accounts.
Please practice safe Hex as it is a dangerous world online.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jason to Jessica is to be released!



Who would have thunk it? I mean really who’d have ever thunk that I would have a book for sale? Not I, never.

But, here it is. And don’t you think that cover is GREAT?! I do. Hey it’s my first, I’m allowed to crow a bit, okay, a LOT!

The buy link should go live on the 15th. Right now, it goes to the “Coming Soon” entry for the story.

Buy Link: Jason to Jessica - eXtasy Books


Jason Ryerson wakes from sleep in a different room and a different body. In the hour after waking up, he learns that he has been a victim twice over, first of a car accident that cause massive injuries to his old body. Secondly, and more devastatingly a victim of the MORFS plague.

Jason, now Jessica, learns what it means to be on the other side of the bed. Outwardly a beautiful woman, she is forced to come to terms with how the world views women. As ties to her past are confronted, dissolved or strengthened, Jessica turns her attention to her future. A man who knew her as both Jason and now Jessica becomes more than just a friend. With no secrets between them, will he help her find her way into the world of being a woman?


Now, doesn’t that sound like a story you’d want to read?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Free Reads on StoriesOnline.Net


As some of you may have noticed, the stories that used to be at StoriesOnline.Net are coming back. This is for two main reasons, One, I like having free reads available so people can sample my writing, and be entertained (hopefully) at the same time. And Two, the stories that are going back up, are not saleable since they involve main characters under the minimum age that publishers find acceptable.

This is not a complaint, this is just the way it is.

So you the follower and/or reader of my blog will get a chance to read full blown, full length stories without having to pay one penny, mite or pence.

The only bad new, if you want to call it that, is that you will have to register with the STORIESONLINE.NET website prior to reading my stories.

Never fear, registration is free, as long as you have a valid email address, and I’ve been a member of the site long enough to know that the owner WILL NOT send you a thing without you sending them something first (like a help request).

Oh, one more thing, you get to vote on what you think of the story, and get to send me comments.

What more could you ask for?

I know, I know, the winning numbers for the next Powerball Jackpot. Sorry, if I knew those, do you really thing I would be out here in the Middle of Nowhere Afghanistan?