Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jason to Jessica is to be released!



Who would have thunk it? I mean really who’d have ever thunk that I would have a book for sale? Not I, never.

But, here it is. And don’t you think that cover is GREAT?! I do. Hey it’s my first, I’m allowed to crow a bit, okay, a LOT!

The buy link should go live on the 15th. Right now, it goes to the “Coming Soon” entry for the story.

Buy Link: Jason to Jessica - eXtasy Books


Jason Ryerson wakes from sleep in a different room and a different body. In the hour after waking up, he learns that he has been a victim twice over, first of a car accident that cause massive injuries to his old body. Secondly, and more devastatingly a victim of the MORFS plague.

Jason, now Jessica, learns what it means to be on the other side of the bed. Outwardly a beautiful woman, she is forced to come to terms with how the world views women. As ties to her past are confronted, dissolved or strengthened, Jessica turns her attention to her future. A man who knew her as both Jason and now Jessica becomes more than just a friend. With no secrets between them, will he help her find her way into the world of being a woman?


Now, doesn’t that sound like a story you’d want to read?


  1. I just finished reading Jason to Jessica, and I have to say - Kudos! Please write more about your characters, or just the world they live in. I enjoyed this book ALOT. Couldn't stop reading once I started. I like J very much. You Do Good Work :-)

  2. I am always so intrigued by the diversity of fresh ideas you come up with. I want to read this book.