Monday, July 25, 2011

The Reviews… ah well, The Review is in!

I received the following review from Jude Mason after purchasing JASON TO JESSICA at Extasy Books.

Here’s Jude:
In Jason to Jessica, Starfox Howl takes us into the realm of the unbelievable, but the much fantasized world of what would happen if. If you went to sleep one night and woke up the next morning with the body of the opposite sex, what would you do? How would you handle being a woman when you’d been raised a man?
We get to look into that world and see what Jason Ryerson would do, or does, when he becomes Jessica. This new ‘being’ explores the world from the opposite side of the bed. She learns how woman cope with men, and what makes each sex tick. The sensations are different. Everything in her world is topsy-turvy, or is it?
Given no choice but to handle life as a beautiful woman, Jessica confronts her old life head on. I found the book both touching and an eye opener, Jessica’s struggle to understand her new life made me smile with joy as well as take a look at what makes us male or female. Can she find love? Can a woman who was a man, literally, find someone who will accept her for who and what she is now and once was? I found this a thoughtful and thought provoking book dealing with a fantasy I would imagine many of us have. I look forward to reading more of Starfox Howl’s work in the future.
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amazon Author Page and other News

Well, I guess I’m moving up in the world <does anyone hear the theme song of a old television show playing in the background?>. I’m working on my Author’s Page on Amazon. It even has a picture of me <and they haven’t crashed, must be the robust engineering>.

Yes, it shows my ONE book, but hey, even Tom Clancy started off with ONE book. Clancy may have had Jack Ryan’s career all planned out <from the CIA to the Presidency, that’s ambitious, even for Washington> but he started off with ONE book and even then that ONE book had to go to a very unlikely publisher, the U.S. Naval Academy Press.

On to the News portion… I got my first rejection. My first foray into the world of real MFM romance got shot down. It’s a small, 16K word story. The editor sent me back a nice note telling me that it was slow getting started and that one of the male lead characters wasn’t very nice.

A reader from one of the author groups I copy via e-mail read the draft and commented that she wanted to gut Jake with a hoof knife. I don’t blame her. Late in the story Lisa, the female lead threatens to geld Jake with a dull, rusty spoon if he hurts one of the people Lisa has to put to sea with.

In the end Jake does redeem himself and the trio has a Happy For Now ending.

Not daunted by the rejection. That just means that I need to do more work on the story and find a publisher that wants that type of story.

My other bit of news is that Angel’s Wings has been accepted by Extasy Books. It’s the second story in the MORFS story-verse. It’s out for editing and we will see how it goes.

Not much more writer’s news from out here in the Middle of Nowhere. Take care all.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Story Submissions

I’ve submitted two more stories for publication.

One story has already been accepted for publication by Extasy Books.

Angel’s Wings is a young adult story set in the MORFS story-verse. It follows a young MORFS survivor through her second change and meeting of her first love.  That’s all I’m going to say about that. What, you want me to give away the whole thing here?


As for the other, I did say I had submitted TWO stories… as for the other story, The Mankiller Chronicles – Deployment, it’s been submitted, but have not yet heard back on that. Yet.

Lisa Mankiller is a Navy Corpsman on leave prior to deployment with a Marine Amphibious Unit. At a neighbor’s ranch in Montana, she runs into a childhood friend and his very hunky boyfriend.

This is a short story where a “Navy Shower” is much different that what’s described in the Blue Jackets Manual.