Thursday, August 4, 2011

It’s not IF it’s WHEN things go <FOOF!>


It seems that my recent posts about backing up data came in handy. I’ve been somewhat distracted posting here and to the email loops I copy.

The reason is simple. My computer ate something that got past the firewall and the virus scanner. Howling-PC went from a humming right on along machine to crawling like a dog with two legs and bad knees. After two days of troubleshooting, unloading background services, removing recently loaded commercial packages, I said FOOIE! and nuked the main system drive.

I spent one whole day off getting the hard drive cleaned (7 pass wiped) and the operating system reloaded. The seven pass wipe was to ensure that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on the hard drive was gone.

Once my computer was put back together it was time to copy back the content data, that is, my story files, pictures, video files, in other words everything that I use on a mostly daily basis. This was rather easy for me, I have a second hard drive and I had just made a brand new backup of all my data to this second local drive prior to my nuking the system drive.

But I also had the data copied to an external hard drive and all my story files and a few other things were located on DROPBOX, an ‘in the cloud’ file storage service. In backing up your data against disaster, more is always better. So, if one data set was bad, I had a second and even third method of recovering my critical data.

In the end, all the data is back in place and I’m back up and running with a fully operational computer.

And able to do blog posts, like this one.


And now for my shameless plug! (Hey, it’s my blog!)


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Jason Ryerson wakes from sleep in a different room and a different body. In the hour after waking up, he learns that he has been a victim twice over, first of a car accident that caused massive injuries to his old body. Secondly, and more devastatingly a victim of the MORFS plague. Jason, now Jessica, learns what it means to be on the other side of the bed. Outwardly a beautiful woman, she is forced to come to terms with how the world views women. As ties to her past are confronted, dissolved or strengthened, Jessica turns her attention to her future. A man who knew her as both Jason and now Jessica becomes more than just a friend. With no secrets between them, will he help her find her way into the world of being a woman?




I left the registrar’s office feeling at loose ends. Normally on a weekday, I would have a class or three to go to, but now, I had nowhere I had to be. It felt odd not having to be somewhere. But being a girl, and having nowhere to be, I did the natural thing, I decided to go shopping—it has to be a genetic thing—I knew of a commercial gym near the campus so I walked in that direction. On the way, there I came upon a fitness store that sold gym bags, clothing, and the like. I didn’t have anything with me that I could wear in a gym so I ducked in there to pick up the necessities. A half hour later, I was signing the paperwork for a ten-day trial membership to the club.

The locker room was surprisingly clean and mercifully empty. I changed into the heavy-duty sports bra and shorts and then made my way out to the gym floor. As I did my warm-up stretches, I scanned the main floor to see what equipment was available. There were a number of men walking around whose equipment made them seem interesting, but it didn't take long for me to change my mind. I had no interest strutting peacocks that were focused more on picking up women than picking up weights.

The inclined board seemed to be as good as any place to begin. Starting with the board at mid position, I worked through a set of slow crunches. I reset the board to the next higher level and worked through another set. From that station, I moved around to the others, building up a sweat as I went.

One station was the butterfly machine. After wiping the seat and grips, in case the previous user hadn’t, I reset the weight higher, a lot higher. Sitting down and hooking my arms into the wings of the machine, I could see the sweat glistening on my skin and staining the front of my bra. Inwardly, I smiled at the noticeable bumps showing through and wondered idly if other people found them sexy. Closing my eyes, I concentrated on the exercise, keeping my back pressed into the padding of the seat and bringing my arms around so they touched each other. Relaxing, I let the machine draw my arms apart and then repeated the movement.

With my eyes closed, it was easy to feel the strain on my shoulder muscles and across my chest. The reps were slow to keep the muscles under tension longer, to be more effective. Everything felt so different from before where sensations that were just there before now were different, sensual, almost sexual.

I sat in the machine’s seat staring at my reflection. My top was completely dark from sweat now and the bumps that outlined my nipples were even more pronounced. The endorphin haze felt so wonderful, I didn’t get up immediately. One of the staff noticed and stopped to ask if everything was okay. My eyes flicked from her breasts to face and I just nodded. She returned the smile, brushed her hand over my shoulder, and walked off. Very base thoughts crossed my mind as I watched her in the mirror as she bent over to help another patron at a different machine.

Stop thinking with the little head, Jessica, I told myself. Not that it did any good. Visions of the two of us naked and the busty staffer bent over a weight bench danced in my head.

I continued around to the other stations—military press, preacher curls, bench press, among others. My last stop was the high bar station. As Jason, I might have been able to do five pull-­ups on a good day. Hopping up, I grabbed the bar and crossed my ankles. Counting quietly, I did a set of twenty-five chin ups, then without touching the ground, shifted my hands and did another set of twenty-five pull-ups.

When I dropped to the ground, the staffer I had seen earlier was standing nearby watching and smiling.

I returned her smile and nodded before the woman moved on to help someone else once again. I pumped my arms slowly and watched the reflection in the mirror. Quietly I again thanked whatever deity might have been listening for putting me through MORFS.


  1. And, you didn't lose anything!


    I could hate you, but I'm slowing getting better at backing things up. I do major back ups every three months, but have a memory stick on the go all the time. I know I'll never be perfect, but I'm so much better than I was.

    I'm new to the Dropbox, but have also begun using that. I like it!


  2. I'm challenged when it comes to all things computer, so I don't know what a 7 pass wiped is. Also, I tried using Dropbox - never could get my files to drop in that box. *sigh* Besides my hard drive, I save to an external hard drive and memory stick. Do you think that's sufficient? Next time I have a computer problem, I think I'll ask you first. :)

  3. I'm with Sheri. I am totally challenged when it comes to the computer.
    This is a great reminder to make sure we back our stuff up. With my stories, I have them on two other computers and I email them to myself. Plus they are on a flash drive. Also, Sheri has a copy of my novel.

  4. Hi John,

    Good for you.

    My computer crashed after I down loaded Adobe reader 9.2 MU. But Office Depot thinks it's hard ware issue, which my warranty covers. So we'll be shipping off big red soon.


  5. So glad you didn't lose anything. I would not be that lucky.

  6. Hi Sheri: A 7 pass wipe is a process of wiping all data from a hard drive. Whichever security software package you use will write either a ZERO or a ONE to every addressable place on the hard drive, alternating the state (from zero to one, or from one to zero) a total of seven times and ensuring that all data is erased and unrecoverable.

    Saving data to the computer's hard drive and then copying it to a flash drive and an external hard drive should cover you, as long as you do this on a regular basis and do it consistently, following the same procedure each time to ensure that all your data is saved somewhere.