Sunday, February 12, 2012

Angel’s Wings–Release date set

My publisher, eXtasy Books, has set a release date for my second book Angel’s Wings. It will be released on 15 February 2012. Hey, that’s just a couple of days from now! How about that!

Here’s a picture of the cover so you’ll recognize it.

Girl in black catsuit against the dark background.

Angel’s Wings is the second story set in the MORFS story-verse.

My first book Jason To Jessica was described by one reader as ‘out there’. Angel’s Wings is a bit more down to earth.

The story revolves around Angel Sanderson, a young girl that was stricken by the MORFS syndrome when she turned ten years old. Now, five years later, she is struck a second time by MORFS and transformed again. This time into a beautiful teenaged girl, not with little butterfly wings, but with large angel wings that will allow her to soar.

When she returns to school, she meets Chris Adams, another flyer with a troubled past.

Angel also had to learn how to deal with the school bully, bigots and the normal upheavals of teenaged life.

I think you will enjoy the story.

Release date, 15 February at


  1. Hi Starfox! Love your cover...beautiful. And the premise to your it!

    Congrats on not only being home, but having a book coming out. Days away! AWESOME!

  2. Congrats!! Love the cover! The story sounds wonderful.

  3. That sounds wonderful. As a reader of J2J - I can't wait to read this one!

  4. This sounds fantastic! I've got an 11 y/o niece - would this be a good read for her, or not yet?

    1. Hi Christine. Yes, I think this would be a very good read for her. Now, fair warning, there are family social scenes where the characters are "in skin", but nothing is explicitly described (no jiggling breasts or swinging male bits). There is also a conversation where one character inquires if another male character is 'gay'.

      Two more, possibly touchy subjects come up, divorce and teen suicide. You might want to skim the last third of the book if you think these subjects are too much for your niece.

  5. What a beautiful cover! Good luck, it sounds like a great story. You certainly have a wonderful imagination. Keep writing :)


  6. Sounds wonderful. Happy release day Starfox! :)

  7. Congratulations, John. You must be so thrilled.

    I really like the cover.