Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It is Release Day!–Angel’s Wings

It’s release day! Angel’s Wings is now available at Devine Destinies. Purchase it here:


The year is 2068 and the MORFS outbreak is worldwide. Science has found no cure, just better ways of keeping those sickened alive until the symptoms pass.

Angel Sanderson was stricken by the once deadly syndrome, the first time when she turned ten years old. After five years living trapped in the body and mind of an eight-year-old with butterfly wings, she is one of the rarest victims, someone in whom the syndrome is triggered a second time. The young woman who emerges is truly an angel, tall, lovely and a flyer with wings who can soar to the heavens.

On the first day at a school just for MORFS survivors, she meets a boy with a troubled past. Her attraction to him is real, but can their young love survive the trials of life and family without crashing and burning?


School quickly settled into a routine for the couple. They would wait for each other at the landing zone in the morning, spend their lunch and any other time they could together on the school grounds. After school they would fly to Angel’s house to do homework, canoodle, then Chris would fly home just as it was getting dark.

The weekends were spent in the air. Angel worked with her boyfriend to get him to let go of his fear and soar. She could hear his laughter and screams of joy as they rode thermals so far up it was hard for them to breathe, then performed aerobatics on the way down that were not in any pilot’s handbook.

During one such excursion, they didn’t track where their antics had taken them and the pair landed in the clearing of a large forest.

“That was great!” Chris exclaimed loudly as Angel flared her wings and landed next to her boyfriend. Both were breathing hard from their aerial antics.

“That was fun. You’re doing really well, Chris,” Angel said as she unzipped the pack Chris carried on his chest. She pulled out two large bottles of energy drinks and several carbohydrate bars. “But you think too much. Just let go and let your instincts take over.”

Angel took her loot and sat down with her back to a large pine tree. Chris shrugged off the pack and sat next to his girlfriend, digging into the pack to come up with another power bar and drink.

“Easy for you to say, oh Queen of the Air,” Chris teased. “I still feel like a fledging, flapping his wings and getting nowhere.”

“Oh foo, Chris,” Angel said, turning to look at the boy. “The only difference between you and me is that I trust myself in the air.”

“And I don’t?”

“Not completely,” Angel said, drawing the zipper down on her jacket. The flight clothing was designed for the chill at altitude, not sitting on the ground during a warm fall day. “When you’re on the ground, do you think about walking?”


“That’s the way you need to be in the air. Don’t think about flying, just fly. Let me worry about everything else for right now.”

The pair rested, snacked on the drinks and bars and recovered their strength before starting back home.

Chris followed Angel off the ground, leaving the pack where he’d discarded it. He took Angel’s hand and gently pulled her to him, holding her eyes with his gaze. A shadow of worry crossed Angel’s face just before his lips met hers.

In moments the kiss went from tender to hot. Angel’s world shrank to Chris, feeling his hard body against her, his lips on hers. The small bit of her mind not distracted by the emotions flooding through her registered the boy’s hand slipping inside her flight top, sliding upward.

“Chris,” Angel gasped, pulling away from his kiss, grasping his wrist. “No.”

She urged his hand out from inside her top, and stepped toward him, cuddling with him.

“I’m sorry Angel,” Chris began.

“Don’t be,” Angel started softly, “I’m not ready to go there yet.” She looked up at him. “When I am, I will,” she paused, looking into Chris’ eyes, “with you.”

Parental warning:

            This book contains: social nudity, polyandrous parents, a bisexual sibling, attempted teen suicide and an Angel who is nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

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