Saturday, July 28, 2012

PRIMAL–The final update?

One of the first stories that I actually completed, had edited professionally, and posted was PRIMAL. It was posted at STORIESONLINE.NET. And, based on the comments I’ve received from readers, it was well received.

It’s been through those comments that I’ve learned a lot more about readers expectations, how to present a story, and how readers ‘buy in’ to a character. Katie Lynn Milner has a lot of buy in from readers. I’ve received notes from people who’ve been bullied in schools wanting to say thank you for the story. Other readers have sent questions about Katie herself, questions that I’d never thought of, whose answers would make the character more believable in their eyes. A number of those answers made their way into this update to the story.

I tried to re-write PRIMAL in a way that a publisher could accept. But it couldn’t be done, not without destroying the story. So, I’m putting it up as a free read, both at STORIESONLINE.NET and here at the link.

As always, comments are welcome.

And yes, there will be a follow-on to this story, so don’t think that the end is really THE END.

You can find the free read of PRIMAL here.


  1. Hey Starfox, you have a story on SOL called Primal 2 you ever gonna finish it?

    1. Yes. It's a work in progress, just like the sequel to Angel's Wings. Both will be finished in due course. Finding paying employment is a bit higher on the priority list, than finishing these stories. But they will get finished.

  2. Cool. Looking foward to reading them. love your stuff.