Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Binders Full of Women

Okay, Since the debate I've been hearing a lot of yammer about this "binders full of women" comment that Romney made. WTF people?!?! Why are we getting hung up on four little words? Didn't anyone hear the preceding portion of the answer? The staff didn't have any women in the candidate pool, he wanted women in the candidate pool for his gubernatorial cabinet.

Why the staff didn't have women in the candidate pool for the first pass is up for anyone's speculation. I certainly don't know why, maybe some of the people on the selection committee didn't think women should be there. WHO THE HECK KNOWS!

Personally I think all this hullabaloo is just another facet of electoral politics run amuck. Trying to transform a bb into a canon ball by using the BIG LIE method, i.e. chant "Romney Hates Women" long enough, loud enough by enough people, for the people who don't pay attention to start to believe it.

It sickens me that in a country of supposedly intelligent people, shit like this actually works.

Now, if any of you have a different opinion about this and want to post it here, or educate me on why you think "Binders full of women" is getting so much air play/traction, I'm all ears. Just be civil about it.