Friday, July 31, 2015

Upcoming Release–Wounded Angel

I’ve never been the fastest writer on the planet. I don’t understand how some writers have a new 30K word book coming out every month or two.

But, I can tell you this, I have a new novel coming out. Release day is 1 September. It is called Wounded Angel and is the second book staring Angel Sanderson

You might remember Angel from my YA story titled ANGEL WINGS, published by Devine Destinies, an imprint of eXtasy Books. 

In this, second, and very adult, story, Angel has grown up into a beautiful woman and in a relationship with police officer Terrance Bryant.

There are other twists and turns through the story and I have no doubt that you will enjoy it.

Available on September 1st. at


wounded angel


“What were you doing in Kansas,” Angel asked the men as they settled in the apartment’s kitchen area. “Especially you Chris, do you know what they do to hybrids in that state?”

“Yeah, I do,” he replied, opening the metal collar he had around his neck and tossed it on to the counter. It clanged hollowly on the granite bartop. “Damn thing, not one of theirs thankfully.”

Angel stared at it, shuddering at the implications of that simple device.

“That’s why we went. Justice wants to take action to force that state to eliminate or at least tone down their more draconian laws aimed at MORFs survivors in general and hybrids in particular.” Chris continued. “We ran a simple operation to force them to go on camera explaining the whys and wherefores. Nothing dangerous.”

“You are a featherhead! You were in intelligence, you had to have seen the reports. Those S.H.A.M.E people are total— nutcases. They make a Klan cross burning look like a polite ice cream social. Their trigger-happy militias do nothing but round up hybrids!” Angel stomped back and forth, torn between beating him for being utterly stupid or hugging him because he was home.

“I was with him, Angel,” Terry rumbled quietly, catching her hand and slowly pulling her into his embrace. “I wasn’t going to let anything happen to your boyfriend.”

She stood there and let the man hold her, the fear of never seeing him, or Chris, ever again fading only slightly.

“And what about you? If you’d been found out, your head would be decorating a wall alongside his!” Angel rounded on him. “And— and—” Angel’s anger evaporated, “I couldn’t stand loosing either one of you.”

“You didn’t wait very long after I was called in,” Terry accused, “to hook up with your boyfriend.”

Terry’s flat statement burned more from its lack of volume rather than any lack of intensity. Angel tried to meet the man’s eyes, and failed.

“How… how did you find out?” Angel asked, her voice trembling.

“It was an op, Angel, long hours of nothing to do. Guys talk.”

Terry waited a moment before continuing.

“Nothing to say, Angel?” Terry stared at her, the hurt on his face, in his eyes almost too much to endure.

The room was silent. In the kitchen, the refrigerator’s compressor kicked on.

“Is that it then? He walks back in and I get tossed like yesterday’s trash?”

“No!” Angel pleaded. “It wasn’t like that. It… just… happened Terry. I tried, I wanted to stop. But he kissed me and it all came back, school, the crash, graduation, our flight that night. And you’re not yesterday’s trash. I would never treat you that way!” Angel raised her head to look into the man’s eyes. “I can’t lose you, either of you.”

“So I supposed your between the sheets reunion meant nothing?” Terry growled, is voice not only carrying his anger, but the deeply felt hurt as well.

“Of course it meant something. But didn’t you hear me, Terry? I can’t lose you, or Chris. It would break me.”

“Then what do you suggest?” Terry asked, pain filling his eyes.

“Take turns?” Chris suggested.

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