Monday, August 31, 2015

RELEASE DAY!–Wounded Angel


September 1 is RELEASE DAY for Wounded Angel, my fourth book published by eXtasy Books.

It is also being announced on my good friend Daryl Ouellette's blog "My Erotic Notions"

For three years Angel Sanderson has had a close, but casual relationship with police officer Terrance Bryant. It started when he was a street cop, pulling security duty at an Avenging Angel public appearance. It has grown to where he keeps a uniform, and his body armor, in her closet.

During lunch break for a flight school where she instructs, a man she hasn't seen in ten years reappears. A flyer, like herself, Chris Adams what her high school love, a love strong enough that she risked her life to save his during an attempted suicide. And now he's in front of her, sitting with his college roommate, Terrance.

When Terrance is called to the department unexpectedly Chris moves in, determined to get reacquainted with his high school savior. What comes after will have reverberations in all three lives.

What's an Angel to do?

wounded angel

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