Saturday, August 27, 2016

It has been a long time since my last post here..

I did a check a few days back and saw that it has been a year since I’ve written anything here. Other things took over, leaving very little time for activities like writing.

Wounded Angel was my last released book. Sales have not been what I’d hoped but the lack of my doing any sort of promotion other than sending out canned promo emails might have had something to do with that. Lump that under “the consequences of other things taking over your life”.

The “other thing” that had taken over my life was that my wife was sick. Seriously sick. She physically collapsed July 4th of 2013. She was put into hospice a bit more than a year later in 2014, and passed away in January of this year. I’ve been dealing with the fallout since then.

I wrote, when I could, while Stephie was alive. Though most of it wasn’t very good. I think I have a dozen stories started, none completed. Some have blown tires and crashed like a NASCAR racer sliding sideways through the infield at a super speedway, boot-bonnet-boot-bonnet-boot-bonnet-roll-roll-roll-pirouette! and thudding down on the roof, a smoking, ruined mess.

Others, have one or two semi-developed characters, but the plot goes nowhere.

And way different character types, superheroes, meta-humans, cyber-human, even a space opera with humans and not so little green men (but they aren’t from Mars).

I am slowly getting back into a writing frame of mind.

On a more pleasant note, DragonCon is less than one week away. I’m going. I hope to have LiveStreaming figured out by then so you can join me for at least the DragonCon parade on Saturday.